Industry Research & Contribution

Industry Research & Contribution

Knights & Apps, through its DRIVE DRIVELECTRIC program has been on the fore-front of advocacy and educating the masses on evs.

We have Attended many EV related events and partnered with government and Non-governmental Organizations over the last few years to promote and sell the idea of zero emission transport.

For the last 6 years our study in e-mobility has been pivotally in data collection in understanding viable business cases

Strategies to accelerate EV deployment

All over the world, governments attempt to support the transition to eMobility. The introduction of electric driving is a complex and unpredictable process that is not likely to occur all by itself.

  • EV showcases and demonstration zones.
  • Youth education and professional development.
  • Awards and recognition
  • Highly visible Signage
  • Informational Websites
  • National Drive Electric Week promotional events
  • Encourage elected officials to drive EVs

  • Providing direct financial incentives for setting up of infrastructure
  • Investing in government-owned infrastructure.
  • Partnering with EV stakeholders to ensure charging stations are accessible to the public.
  • Adopting accredited standards to allow and encourage installation of charging stations throughout the city.

  • Lower import duties and road tax for electric vehicles
  • Preferential access and exemption from congestion fees in urban areas
  • Adopt EV-friendly zoning and parking ordinances.
  • Identify other policies and incentives that may promote EV use, such as free parking for EVs, or tax credits for businesses that offer EV charging.

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The vision for our inception was inspired by the numerous possibilities of linking renewable energy with mobility.