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For many households and businesses, cargo space is the most pivotal parameter for acquiring an automobile. Choosing a vehicle that will meet everyone’s needs involves eyeing for a vehicle with a good fuel economy, and one that has enough cargo space for everyone and their gear. Manufacturer’s bank on this parameter to reveal models that capture the specific customer profile. Nissan braces the advantage with their e-NV200 model, an electric equivalent of the successful NV200.

Nissan basks in various accolades for their first release of the Nissan NV200-for the International Van of the Year, as a cargo commercial van. Their release of an electric version of the commercial model is not only mind-blowing but a major milestone in the electric vehicles category. The e-NV200 is indeed ready to change the face and manufacture of commercial vehicles in the motoring world. Its high-performance electric drive train fits perfectly in cargo transportation, as the model is versatile and capable of carrying people or goods with no exhaust emissions or noise pollution. Focusing that application to the business world, commercial owners of the model have a drastic new way of lowering their running costs whilst giving their business a new direction that is environmental and sustainable. The choice to go 100 percent electric in the commercial market saves up all the costs incurred whilst operating a diesel or petrol driven van. No fuel, no engine sounds, no emissions, no oil, and the extended environmental benefits make this van the most environmentally-friendly mass-produced van in the market.

The e-NV200 offers 150 kilometers on a single charge, where charging can be done in two ways to replenish the battery. An L1 port allows the owner of the electric van to charge the vehicle to 100 percent battery capacity in eight hours, at home or at the workplace using the wall mount EVSE. Additionally, L2 port will rapidly charge the electric van up to 80 percent battery charge in thirty minutes.

The van has two extra driving modes that maximize the range of the driver. The ECO mode automatically adjusts the acceleration and the climate control system to minimize the energy consumption even under heavy loads of cargo. The B mode can be activated even when the driver is using ECO mode, and it adds on to the strength of the regenerative braking system.

Driving electric is almost magical-the responsiveness of quietly gliding along with no engine vibration or noise. The e-NV200 combines that with a driver-centered cabin, which has massive leg room, high sitting for greater visibility to offer a confident driving. Add that to a driver transporting cargo from point to point.

That is magical. More so, an automatic gearbox, easy handling, a lowered center of gravity, 15’’ wheels, instant torque, tight turning radius makes the e-NV200 the perfect van to fit the commercial cargo delivery and huge family application. It adds on standard Rearview Monitor that makes parking more inviting to drivers.

solar energy


The van features a 520mm rear weight load, which makes loading cargo to the van easier than conventional cargo vehicles. The interior D-ring tie downs are floor mounted and each of the six can tie up to 509-kilograms. In the interior, the van has flat wheels that make stacking the cargo super easy, to accommodate more cargo. The 4.3-meter cubic cargo capacity allows for up to 703 kg payload. Alternatively, even with five people on board, the e-NV200 Combi can accommodate enough luggage for the occupants without compromising on the payload. Interestingly, should the battery, when fully charged, drop below 9 out of the 12 bars on the dashboard in less than five years or 60000 miles, there is a guaranteed warranty from the manufacturer. As such, one needs not worry about exposing the van to intense loads for longer periods.

To propel the van, a 7 kilowatt DC motor is powered by a 24-kilowatt battery pack layered below the van seats snuggly. The plug and socket tap power directly from a charging station that can easily be installed at work or at home. More importantly, the charging station can be fed with power from solar, or any other renewable energy source to make the driving experience absolutely free!

solar energy
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