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Our extensive study shows that EV is the only sustainable transport solution today and if ever there was a good time to switch to an electric vehicle, now is the time. We have all the facets covered to make your switch easy & fast! What’s more, this convenient, environment friendly solution assures you of 70% savings on fuel consumption as you enjoy a smoother, quieter drive. And yes, we have an EV for you. Come check it out!
solar power panels closeup for green energy on the hillside

E-mobility consultancy

Getting the switch to eMobility from the start of the process is crucial, hence our extensive eMobility consultancy service.

Wind Turbines

Charging Infrastructure Development Powered by Solar

Installing an EV charging station at your business premises increases cost savings and convenience.

Water Energy

Fleet Electrification and Analysis

With any new technology comes uncertainty, and industry-wide ‘best practices’ have yet to be clearly defined.

Plug of power cable supply for electric vehicle charging (Ev) station
EV Station

Vehicle Sale and Leasing

It is no surprise that most of our clients chose to lease their vehicles. This service enables you to drive the car you want right away and it


Solar Powered Electric Mobility By Drivelectric Connects You To A Better World!

The Future of Mobility is Electric. Transport is one of the main sources of urban air pollution. This sector contributes approximately one quarter of all energy related carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. Fuel consumption by transport is expected to increase rapidly due to urbanization and economic growth, so it really is the right time to switch to EVs.
Up to 70% cost savings
Zero Emissions
Reduced noise pollution
Smoother, Low Maintenance Drive

Make An Appointment Now And Build A Sustainable Future

Switching to EVs is an absolute win for you and our environment and benefits you in unprecedented ways!


Your Switch Is Now Easier Than Ever!

Ev’s are available in three categories; Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) , Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), 100% electric vehicles (EVs)


Make Appointment

You can make an appointment to our offices, online or have us come to you!


Consultation Project

Whether you are just looking to buy or lease an EV, or to electrify your fleet, you’ll find this step invaluable!


Charging Installation

We can install chargers at your home, office, commercial centre, building or industrial complex!


Drive Away!

Go on to enjoy your EV and the massive savings that come with it 😊

Free Consultation If You Want Build New Project With Us

The vision for our inception was inspired by the numerous possibilities of linking renewable energy with mobility.
Driving Electric

Our core EV offering

Transitioning your business to Electric Mobility with Drive Electric’s insight on the technology and mobility trends will save you a big deal of transport costs. Our customised leasing options avail you the option to switch right away. With options ranging from cars, to busses, to trucks and motor bikes, why wouldn’t you switch?
All Projects
Wind Energy Innovation

2-3 wheelers

sales and Leasing of 2-3 wheelers motor bikes in urban, peri-urban and rural areas powered by solar & battery swapping.

Home Solar Panel

working class & corporate

Sales of Solar PV with EVs – using gradually financed solutions.

Wind Turbine Innovation

Training & capacity building

EV and Solar training technical academy with pManifold targeting technical and engineering professionals.

Solar Power Station

Solar Powered

Renewable, sustainable energy is the way to transform the transport sector