solar energy

"What’s an electric vehicle?"

An Electric Vehicle (EV) is one that uses one or more electric motors for propulsion.

It is an alternative fuel automobile in place of the more common methods such as the internal combustion engine found in fuel based vehicles.

So E-mobility is the development of electric-powered or electronic drivetrains- the progressive concept of moving away from the traditional vehicle design that makes use of fossil fuels and oils. We are committed to offering holistic solutions in the implementation of eMobility in various individual, business and organisational setups which increase efficiency and cost effectiveness, along with sustainable policies that reduce pollution.

We also have an Eco-Hub concept which proves that EV owners can charge their vehicles with solar power, which further lowers the operation cost for the owner significantly.

solar energy

So why switch ?


What’s more, this convenient solution assures you of 70% savings on fuel consumption as you enjoy a smoother, quieter, and safer drive!

Easy Charging

The vast range of EVs fit most of the city’s residents. The charging station can be installed at your home or office, providing you with a safe and reliable method of charging your vehicle.

solar energy

Vast Evs Selection

There's a lot to choose from. Our extensive study shows that EV is the only sustainable transport solution today and if ever there was a good time to switch to an electric vehicle, now is the time.
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